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About Luxury Focus!

Hi, How are you

Myself ramil pandya, from coimbatore Tamil Nadu just starting my own initiative to help small medium enterprises to get their business online!

Please have a look and my invitation business links in the below letter.

LUXURY FOCUS WHAT SETS US APART? is a unique business bespoke designer listing business directory based on a subscription and membership model ,by me and my talented team with 20 plus years direct sales and marketing experience of handling all types of hundreds of customers especially HNi(high networth individuals)to get the entire luxury industry and its affiliate partners together for a seamless viewing, advertising and shopping experience for discerning buyers and sellers together all under one roof and platform .

Where the core idea is not to get confused with thousands of websites who only focus on selling products and showing turnover of crores of business without even initiating a human interaction with a single client or not having a testimonial to substantiate their products and services . as clichéd as this may sound this website dares to be different and that will be the reason for its success…

Though membership to the above website is paid which will give u good results but for a trial and a free version we have a whatsapp business group of only friends and business associates known to me over a span of 23 years

We have for all of u electronics.. Clothes.. Watches. Perfumes ,food items, security solutions, properties, jewellery ,handicrafts etc etc... Also a fabulous platform for networking and business connections

All advertise here too and buy here as well The group gets an average of hundred messages including pics and videos daily so it becomes more of a discussion group and like a family atmosphere and hence it's more different from other groups, which I have noticed are very passive and laid back.. So please mute the group if the messages tend to disturb you!

Also for best results use videos and video messages to express yourself in a better way to the clients

To keep it strictly professional No political/corona messages allowed ...only business related messages preferred!

So welcome aboard, hope to see u online

Ramil pandya